Wisdom from Steve Jobs : do what you love

Watch Steve Jobs inspire others to do what they love

Steve Jobs was a man known and celebrated for his innovation and mind-blowing creativity. Given that he enjoyed such incredible success at the helm of Apple, many of us might be left wondering how he got where he wanted to be.

Undoubtedly he was naturally bright and gifted. We can all assume that he worked very hard. But there was something about Steve Jobs that set him apart from his peers which I think is perfectly captured in his 2005 Stanford address.

Jobs’ message is simple: do what you love and do not settle by taking your life for granted. He describes how an awareness of death can enhance our lives as it can allow your fears to melt away. Many of us shy away from death as a sad, uncomfortable subject that simply does not bear thinking about. But if we, as Jobs suggests, treat death ‘as the very best invention of life’ it can be the very thing that enhances our life experience.

If you become aware of how short and precious your life is would you still be doing what you are doing? What would you be doing differently?

This is not an exercise in how to feel morbid. This is a thought that can excite  and motivate to make that change that you might have been putting off up until now. That was how I felt when I watched this video and I hope it will do for the same for you.

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23 February 2016