Mindset Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Manchester, UK

Dare to do things differently

I'm a Mindset Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Manchester helping successful professionals move past imposter syndrome and anxiety so that they can do what they love.

Mindset coaching

You’ve got to the point where you’ve gained ‘success’ on paper, but something isn’t working.

Is it you? Or the work? You long to make a change but you may have no idea where to start.

As a Mindset Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist I help my clients finally gain clarity on what they really want. I equip them to take action towards 'that thing' they want to do.

Want to apply for that promotion? To change jobs or career? To deliver presentations with calm confidence? To finally create the work/life balance you've been craving? You're in the right place. With the right support you can get out of your own way and create your own extraordinary path to success.

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Mindset Coaching in Manchester, UK

My mindset coaching and hypnotherapy programmes are tailored to your needs so that you reach the ‘success’ your heart secretly clamours for – whether it’s breaking up with imposter syndrome or embarking on a career change.

I combine evidence-based therapy with practical action so you can create what you want from a place of calm composure.

My programmes range from a powerful breakthrough session to 4 months, depending on your desired outcome and level of support. You can get a feel for what will be the best way working together by booking onto my free call. You can also ask questions via my contact form.

Mindset Coaching


Free Clarity Call

Want to discover more about working 1-1 with me? Welcome to my free, 45 minute Clarity Call.

During our call you’ll get crystal clear on what’s holding you back. You’ll also see what’s really possible for you: from the most confident, expanded and vibrant version of yourself.

If we both feel it’s a ‘yes’ to working together, then we’ll celebrate all excitement to come. Either way there’s no sleaze or pressure. I’m here to help you make the best decision for you. 

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