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I’m here to help you feel calm, confident and free to create the future you want. Your capacity for change is so much greater than what's keeping you stuck.

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In this noisy, fast-paced world I offer the tools for you to connect to yourself, your strengths and your self-belief. Here you can learn to trust yourself to walk your unique path. Your way. With clarity.

Is it you that needs to change? Or something external? Something needs to shift but stress and overwhelm makes it hard to think clearly.

Perhaps it's about finally daring to apply for that promotion. To break-up with burnout and spend time with the people you really care about. Maybe it's about having the courage to explore a change of direction. Or to deliver presentations with charisma and calm confidence? However you're getting in your own way, I can help you move past it with evidence-based tools that really work.

As a top QCH therapist and Coach I've helped barristers, doctors, senior managers, architects, business owners and even a sea captain to let go of fear and comparison. No industry or level of seniority is immune from it. It's my joy and privilege to witness my clients get excited about the future again as they realise anything's possible.

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Mindset Coaching in Manchester, UK

My programmes are bespoke because everything about you is completely unique. There’s no cookie-cutter process for me to force you through. We simply work together on your goal, in a safe, judgement-free space, whether that’s breaking up with imposter syndrome or embarking on a career change.

I combine trauma-informed, evidence-based therapy with powerful practical action so you can create what you want from a place of calm composure.

My programmes range from a powerful single breakthrough session (£150) to 3 months for my transformational signature programme ‘Flourish’ (£1,200). Payment plans are always available.

For clarity on what’s really holding you back, plus an opportunity to explore which programme would suit you best, book in for your free call today.

Mindset Coaching


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Want to discover more about working 1-1 with me? Welcome to my free, 45 minute Clarity Call.

During our call you’ll get crystal clear on what’s holding you back. You’ll also see what’s really possible for you: from the most confident, expanded and vibrant version of yourself.

If we both feel it’s a ‘yes’ to working together, then we’ll celebrate all excitement to come. Either way there’s no sleaze or pressure. I’m here to help you make the best decision for you. 

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