QCH Therapy

Connect to calm confidence with Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH Therapy)

How can QCH Therapy can help you?

If you’ve been struggling with something that you’ve not been able to think your way out of, QCH Therapy offers a powerful means for you to let go of your issue completely and for good.

I specialise in helping people let go of:

• Anxiety (including social anxiety)
• Imposter Syndrome
• Fear of public speaking
• Chronic stress and burn-out symptoms
• Low confidence or self-esteem

My Approach

I’m here to create a confidential, safe space for you as you release and let go of the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from the life or career you want to create.

Every session is tailored to your unique pattern, because no two people experience a problem in the same way. Whilst therapy with me is a bespoke experience, there are some consistent themes you can expect:

1. Letting go of past baggage. Your memories and experiences shape your experience in the here and now. If you’re limiting your potential, or struggling with fear-based patterns, there is usually a deeper root cause to the symptoms you’re facing.

Thankfully there are different ways we can dissolve the root cause of your struggle which will transform your experience of the present moment. We never go back to a past memory to re-live it, only to transform it.

2. Feeling resourceful in the present. You’ll leave our time together with a toolbox of techniques that you can count on to give you what you need in the moment: whether that’s feeling calmer, more confident or focused. You’ll connect to your strengths and grow the empowering beliefs that will support you in feeling and living differently.

3. Feel excited about the future. How you feel about the future matters. You’ll gain clarity about what you want your future to look like and I’ll provide you with tools, including powerful hypnosis mp3s, which are designed to guide your unconscious mind towards the future you want to create.

Our Partnership

If we work together, we do so in partnership.

My role is to give you a safe, confidential space to process your emotions.

I’ll offer you the techniques and expertise I’ve gained over the years that I believe will help you most. I’m not here to ‘fix’ you and you are an active participant in the process.

Your role is to commit to the process, be as open and honest as you can be and participate in the work during the sessions and in between the sessions that are going to move you forward.

With both of us doing our bit, you can expect a profoundly transformative experience.

You’ll feel calmer, in control. You’ll trust yourself more and you’ll feel more confident in yourself: whether that’s in your work or simply living more authentically.

The Results

My intention with every person I work with is to guide them to let go of their issue, completely and for good. I rarely work with therapeutic clients for longer than 3-4 months. Some people get what they need after a single session.

The speed at which you’ll feel better will always depend on the person, but every session is aimed at getting you where you want to be safely and quickly.

My Programmes

All programmes can be held either online or in my Manchester therapy room. All sessions are 60 minutes.

All programmes include email support during office hours and a wealth of resources and tools in between sessions to keep you on track

Breakthrough Session

1 session

This 60-minute session (online or in-person) can help you get clarity on what’s holding you back, and identify positive future action steps.

Use this session to learn powerful tools to dissolve anxiety, stress, fear, imposter syndrome or low confidence, to get clarity on a challenging decision, or become more resilient*.

It includes pre-work and follow-up tools and resources, including 2 weeks of email support and a hypnosis mp3 to consolidate the work we do together.

Investment: £150

Please note the breakthrough session isn’t suitable for treatment of issues arising from trauma or complex issues.

Book my Breakthrough session


One month intensive programme

Four weekly sessions to help with time-critical events such as presentations or interviews.

Ideal for releasing anxiety, imposter syndrome, chronic stress and low self-esteem, particularly if you’re facing difficult decisions, nerves about an event, or fear of visibility.

Let’s accelerate your progress and give you results to last a lifetime.

Investment: £500 or 2 x £250

You’re invited to my free Clarity and Confidence Call to ensure we’re a good fit for working together and to check if this is the right programme for you.

Book my 30 minute Clarity and Confidence Call


3 month signature programme for life-changing results

A transformational blend of therapy and coaching that offers long-term reassurance and accountability.

Over 9 sessions, we’ll work together to address and release traumatic events from your past, stay resilient in the present, and make practical changes for a beautiful life that reflects who you are.

Investment: £1200

Instalment options available.

You’re invited to my free Clarity and Confidence Call to ensure we’re a good fit for working together and to check if this is the right programme for you.

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