Hi, I’m Sally and I believe you deserve a working life you love

What I Do

My philosophy

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

― Steve Jobs

I believe that enjoyable, satisfying work is one of the most important components of what it means to live a healthy, meaningful life. Most of us will spend the vast majority of our lives working. That is far too many hours feeling frustrated, bored or unfulfilled. Life is simply too short to stay unhappy at work.

Grow into the work you love

Many people stay unhappy in their work because they want to protect themselves from change, failure or uncertainty. These fears are a completely normal part of being human, but there can be a high price to pay if they stop you from ever discovering work that brings you joy.

I teach my clients how to adopt a mindset that keeps them growing and moving forward towards opportunities and possibilities that they might not have even considered before.

I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all formula to discovering greater happiness and fulfilment at work. I provide a completely bespoke service to my clients, tailored to helping them achieve their unique vision for the future. Whether its helping you explore career transition or overcoming stress and performance anxiety for a promotion, I’m completely dedicated to supporting you in transforming your work life for the better.

My methods

My approach recognises the powerful role the unconscious mind plays in shaping our thoughts, experiences and behaviour. You might be absolutely convinced you want to make a positive change in your life, but if a deeper part of you think its too risky or scary the chances are it will find every possible way to bungee-rope you back to the status quo of what feels safe and comfortable.

My training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy means I can help you on a far deeper level to avoid self-sabotage and help you connect to all the resources you already have to get you where you want to be.

I also draw extensively on my knowledge of positive psychology and ‘flow’ states to help you gain more satisfaction and enjoyment from your work, even if you’re not in your ideal job yet.

I am a ‘Project You’ coach and Master Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

What do I do next?

Some people will be able to fall back in love with their work by addressing the emotional blocks that are getting in the way of their enjoyment such as anxiety, burn-out, imposter syndrome or fear of failure.

For others, they know that work fulfilment lies elsewhere and a career change holds the key.

If you’re not sure which camp you fall into I’ve got you covered. I offer my free Clarity & Confidence Call to help you get clear on what you want, what’s holding you back and together we decide on your first step towards feel-good work.

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