My Story

We can often look back and reflect on a ‘sliding doors’ moment that shapes our life’s path.

Mine came from an anxiety attack that I couldn’t think my way out of. In the midst of my law conversion exams I found myself, red-faced, sat in front of my tutor explaining why having a panic attack really ‘wasn’t like me’.

From there, a seed was planted.

If this uncontrollable wave of panic wasn’t me, then what was it? What did it say about me? Was it something I had to resign myself to?

Fast forward a few years into my legal career and I sat with that question again but this time not just for me. All around me I witnessed colleagues crippled with chronic stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, fear of judgement and fear of not being good enough. I saw that it was rife at every level of the hierarchy, so neither experience or talent could be the fix.

I longed for the tools and understanding that could help me and others feel like ourselves again. I wanted to understand what it was about our minds that separated us from feeling like ourselves?

That longing spurred me on to train at the Quest Institute to become a QCH Therapist and Coach.

Now I’m here, running my own business (something I never imagined I could do). My training set me on the path of living a life that’s a reflection of what’s most important to me: being with my family, connecting to nature, eye-watering laughs and silliness with friends and doing the things that light me up.

It’s not perfect, but it feels like me.

What I believe

  • Don’t resign yourself to being stuck. Your brain has an incredible capacity for change.
  • Flexibility is the secret of my success. There’s no single tool or technique that works for everyone and every session will be tailored to your uniqueness and the outcomes you’re looking for.
  • You already have everything you need to get where you want to be.
  • We are all fellow strugglers. I am a fellow struggler and so are you. This is what makes us human.
  • The main reason we stay in jobs or relationships or behaviours that don’t feel like us is because we’re scared of failure, rejection, disappointment or judgement. Thankfully there are so many tools that can help you dissolve those fears.
  • The path to healing and living a life that’s yours is self-compassion, self-acceptance and bringing your unique gifts to help those around you.
  • The ultimate goal of any of my programmes is to make me redundant. I want you to leave knowing you have everything you need to navigate what’s next in your life.
  • I’m here to offer you a safe, confidential space so you can feel free to express yourself freely without judgement.

Training and Qualifications

In 2015 I trained as a Master Practitioner QCH Therapist and Coach under Trevor Silvester at the Quest Institute in London. Since then, I’ve continued to add to my toolbox and regularly take courses in the most cutting-edge areas of therapy and coaching.
Here’s a list of my qualifications and training:
  • Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (externally accredited)
  • Master Practitioner in Cognitive Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • NLP Practitioner
  • ‘Project You’ Coaching
  • Parts work with Brian Roet
  • AMDR Practitioner– a trauma-informed approach to therapy which draws on somatic tools such as polyvagal theory, EMDR, mindfulness and somatic tools.
Professional Membership and associations
  • The National Council for Hypnotherapists
  • (NCH)
  • CNHC