Life Coaching in Manchester or online

Are you a talented professional who has all the trappings of success and yet you feel something is missing? 

You long for fulfilment at work, but instead:

  • Anxiety, stress or performance nerves are holding you back from fulfilling your potential – and you know you have so much more to offer.
  • You feel stuck or dissatisfied even though on paper you have a career that you should be grateful for.
  • You have a secret dream to pursue a new career or project but the thought of starting it fills you with fear.
  • You have reached a point of burn-out that means you’re struggling to make a decision about whether you want to stay where you are or change direction.

Increasingly you’re questioning your future and wondering “is this all I have to look forward to?”

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you’re in the right place

I was in your shoes for a number of years and I work with these kinds of challenges with my clients all the time. It is absolutely natural to want happiness and fulfilment at work and I love supporting clients in finding it.

I can help you make a change – Coaching in Manchester or Online

“Sally tailored the coaching to meet my needs and provided me with unique tools to help me overcome my anxieties. There wasn’t any awkward over-emotional sharing, but practical solutions dealt with sensitivity. In other words, I never felt judged or silly, I just had complete trust in her. I couldn’t recommend Sally enough. She has changed my life.”

– Lydia, Teacher

I’m here to show you that Sunday night blues are not something you have to live with anymore. You can regain control of your working life and turn it into something that excites and fulfils you. It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream!

My coaching programmes are completely tailored to your individual needs, working to your unique outcome with programmes ranging from 3-6 months.

My coaching teaches you

  • how to discover the ‘missing piece’ to your fulfilment.
  • how to overcome stress, anxiety of performance nerves so you can fulfil your true potential.
  • how to experience ‘flow’ at work; that wonderful feeling you get when you are totally immersed and absorbed in whatever you choose to focus on.
  • how to overcome self-doubt, trust yourself and your judgements so you can have more confidence in your decisions.
  • how to take action in a way that supports you in exploring new opportunities, rather living in the land of ‘what if’.
  • create better boundaries with work and people.

Book your free Confidence and Clarity call for a no-obligation conversation

If you would like to explore what the missing piece might be for your fulfilling career, the next step is to arrange your free Confidence and Clarity Call. We’ll have a a 45 minute chat over the phone and by the end of the call you will:

  1. Get clear on what you want. You will gain a clear vision of how you would like to transform your working life so it works for you, rather than against you. There’s so much confusion and noise out there telling us what we ‘should’ want, so this gives you the opportunity to get clear on what you want whether its better work/life balance, improved relationships, a change of direction or a step-up in your career.
  2. Confront your challenges. You will understand what blocks or obstacles are getting in the way of achieving your vision.  Awareness is always the first step in overcoming challenges that are holding us back from what we want. Once we identify them and see them for what they really are, we often realise they they’re not actually as scary or as powerful as we thought they were.
  3. Decide on your first step towards what you want. You will leave the call with renewed confidence in your ability to take clear, concrete action towards your future vision and you will know what your next step will be.

This is a pressure-free call and simply an opportunity to take your first steps towards whatever is missing in your life at the moment. To book just click the link here.

Sally coached me for a 3 month period and she made a tremendous impact to my life. Her coaching enabled me to look within myself and realise that I had more power and control over my life goals and direction than I had previously thought. Her coaching allowed me to hold a mirror up and see that my limiting beliefs about myself were the things holding me back from my higher self.

Over the course of 12 weeks Sally helped me worked through all my limiting beliefs and find my authentic self by applying tools and techniques that would enable me to heal and realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and belief in yourself.

If you are stuck in a rut or just want some coaching to overcome day to day challenges in your life then I would highly recommend Sally as she is a lightworker and can’t wait to work with her again in the future”

-Safiyah, IT Project Manager


If you’re not sure whether Coaching is right for you, feel free to send me a general enquiry on or using the contact page. I am very happy to answer any questions you might have. I offer 1-1 coaching in Manchester City Centre or via Zoom.