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Want to change career? Do it with more ease with this mindset shift

Exploring a career change can be scary and overwhelming. Adopting a sleuthing strategy can make it so much easier.

“Be more Sherlock…”

This is a phrase that I say to virtually every career change client I work with. Why?

Well, at the beginning of our time together, they’re normally in the mindset of:

  • The next job *needs* to be perfect.
  • I have no idea what I want, I am so confused.
  • X jobs are ‘always’ like X and ‘never’ like Y.
  • If I make plans to start my own business, I’ll be destitute forever.
  • I don’t deserve a job that makes me happy, I’m not good enough.
  • I’m at the mercy of the winds of fate, luck or some kind of benevolent fairy godmother.

Most of this kind of thinking is a by-product of stress, anxiety or imposter syndrome which usually rears its head whenever you consider a big life change that might throw you out of the comfort of the world that you know.

Unfortunately, it’s this kind of thinking that keeps us trapped in a state of analysis paralysis. You might endlessly explore different career options in your head, but you don’t take any tangible steps like doing research, reaching out to contacts on Linkedin or exploring volunteering opportunities.

The whole “I know I need a new job but I don’t know what to do” becomes a weight that only gets heavier the longer you don’t act

Why Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous literary super-sleuths of all time.

Like most literary characters he has an edge of eccentricity, he sometimes adopts an unconventional approach, but above all he always gets the job done.

Why? Because (aside from being a genius) he assumes nothing and is endlessly curious about gathering clues that will help him get to where he wants to.

Why be more Sherlock is so helpful for career changers

Curiosity is the most powerful anti-dote to fear. When you’re more Sherlock you becoming deeply curious about the skills, tasks, environments, causes and people that interest you, motivate you and bring you energy.

As a detective you methodically gather clues about what the next logical step is for you. You follow the breadcrumbs. You understand that you can only take one manageable step at a time and that keeping your nervous system regulated through the process will be your key to career change success.

You stay wildly open about all the possibilities and opportunities that surround you. You take action, because you know confidence and clarity is a natural by-product of taking action.

You always have a choice

This is probably the most important part of the Sherlock mindset. You always have a choice. The choice may be between two options that you don’t particularly like at the moment, but it’s still a choice.

One example of a choice might be a very imperfect stop-gap job that provides the income you need to be a detective with curiosity and playfulness; rather than the stress and fear of financial need.

In time, you’ll be glad you gave yourself the time you needed to make your best life choices. Choices you made from a place of optimism and growth, rather than a place of lack or fear.

Was Sherlock Holmes ever needy? Exactly.

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9 February 2023