The power of accountability

Why a public declaration matters

Another day, another tip. Hopefully you are gaining more and more clarity on how you can make your new years resolution work for you. Today is about the power of accountability.

Why the power of accountability changes lives

Accountability can be a brilliant way to create changes in our lives.

For most of us social embarrassment is to be avoided at all costs. If you make a public declaration of your new years intention, you are making it considerably more difficult to bow out of the commitment you have made. When I’m panting away in an exercise class with sweat streaming down my face, wanting to die, do I quit? With the one exception of the time I almost vomited, I never do because its the fear of losing face that keeps me going. And we can use that fear in a way that works for us in our goals.

Because I said I would

I’m a huge fan of the social movement ‘because I said I would’ as it emphasises how powerful it is when we keep our promises. People write their promises on the ‘because I said I would’ card and give it to another person. It might be that two people agree to exchange cards. Either way the idea is that you don’t get your card back until you have fulfilled your promise. The premise is deceptively simple. The act of publicly making promises has made a difference for thousands of people and the promises range from being kinder to a sibling to committing to stopping self-harming. Imagine what difference could be made in the world if we all kept our promises?

Accountable to the right people

Some of you may have shared your goals publicly and, unfortunately, have realised that not everyone is as supportive of your goals as you would like them to be. I would encourage you to share your new resolve with those who you know will support and encourage you in your endeavours.

They will cheer you on when you feel like packing it in, rather than jeering in delight when the ‘inevitable’ happens. Drop me a line today if you would like to find out more about how powerful it is to work towards a goal with someone walking alongside you, teaching you how to reach your full potential.

4 January 2017