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The Only Choice You Need to Make


If you’re looking for a dose of blue-sky career inspiration then look no further than Jim Carrey’s commencement speech.

For me, this speech perfectly sums up the choice that needs to be made if you want to pursue your dream career.

Fear dressed as practicality

Changing our work for the better can be really scary and overwhelming. Even though you want to make a positive change, your mind can throw up a whole host of compelling reasons why you should just settle with what you’ve got.

These so-called “reasonable” excuses might sound like:

“Better the devil you know”.

“I should just be grateful for what I have”.

“It’s really not the right time to make a change”.

“Maybe once the kids are grown up/when I have kids/when I retire/when I’ve got more time/ I’ve got more money/ when I’m offered redundancy”.

Of course there are rare exceptions when it genuinely isn’t the right time for someone to invest the time and energy in creating a career they love.

But most of the time these excuses are just “fear dressed up as practicality”.

As Jim Carrey says in his commencement speech, his father succumbed to that trap and never gave himself the chance to pursue the dream he really wanted.

The Choice: Fear or love?

Don’t get me wrong, I came up with my own weighty, serious bag of why it would be madness to leave the security of my legal career and become a coach.

I told myself I couldn’t give up the pension, the benefits, the security, the structure and the kudos. I told myself it wasn’t the ‘right time’.

But then came the question: “when would it ever be the right time?”

I knew that all these excuses were fear dressed as practicality. And as I gazed at my adorable, dribbly 8 month old son, I knew I wanted to set an example of choosing love over fear.

Yes I might fail and everyone might think I was an idiot.

But everything I had learned on my journey so far was pointing me towards a life of growth. That meant being brave and not allowing my fear of failure dictate my choices.

I chose love and I’m so glad I did!

Does choosing love guarantee success? Not at all.

But it gives you permission to explore, to test and dare to try. You don’t need to quit your unfulfilling job tomorrow (in fact I really don’t recommend that!).

You can dare to dream safely at your own pace, knowing that in doing so you’re freeing yourself from the land of ‘what if?’.

What will you choose?

Will you choose your life to be guided by love or by fear?

If you’re confused about the changes you want to make in your career then you’re very welcome to book in for my free Confidence and Clarity Call.

It’s a completely free, no-obligation call where you’ll gain clarity on your next steps and gain the confidence you need to take them.



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28 February 2019