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Brene Brown on boundaries

Pride yourself on your ‘niceness’? Choose boundaries instead When people come to see me in my hypnotherapy clinic for help with relationships in Manchester the theme of boundaries often lies at the heart of their issue. I love this video by Brene Brown which describes how boundaries are the key to healthy, loving relationships. This… Continue Reading

Heads Together: permission to open up

Royal Family campaign can bring our heads together Many of you will have seen the recent press coverage around Prince Harry’s candid interview in The Telegraph. He¬†openly talks about his struggle with grief over his mother’s death for 20 years which caused him points of near breakdown. Crucially, he talked about how the ‘stiff upper… Continue Reading

How Hypnotherapy can help you nail your interview

Does an interview fill you with fear? It doesn’t have to. Read on to learn how to enhance your performance for the big day Interview nerves are incredibly common for many of us and it’s no mystery why that is. You are asked, in a pressured situation, to ‘sell yourself’ and to prove that you… Continue Reading

New Years Resolution Series (6)

Why your new years resolution is not about your value You are enough I mentioned in my previous post how we can get caught up in believing that our happiness lies in successfully completing our goals. This can keep us in a trap of believing that we are not good enough or can’t be happier… Continue Reading

The power of accountability

Why a public declaration matters Another day, another tip. Hopefully you are gaining more and more clarity on how you can make your new years resolution work for you. Today is about the power of accountability. Why the power of accountability changes lives Continue Reading

Honesty is the best policy

How to stay motivated It’s day 3 and already #JanuaryBlues is trending on Twitter. But you can distract yourself from the January gloom by continuing to focus your attention on the positive changes you can make in 2017. Of course on some days you are going to feel a bit down and lacking in motivation.… Continue Reading

The power of small steps

Baby steps help habits stick It is day two of the new year. How are you feeling today? Enthusiasm already beginning to wain? Check out today’s top tip for making your resolutions stick. Continue Reading

Tips for New Years Resolutions Series

How language makes all the difference for new years resolutions to stick Most of us feel that shift in mindset when 1 January rolls around once again. We have a clear slate in front of us. The mind has difficulty with empty space so we love to come up with a plan. And why not… Continue Reading

Finding flow: the antidote to boredom and frustration

Feeling a bit ‘meh’? In my Manchester Hypnotherapy practice, I help my clients learn and understand how the mind works and how they can optimise their capacity to live an enriched, fulfilled life. Recently I had been struck by how much I was hearing the word ‘meh’, both from my clients and myself. For me,… Continue Reading