Stressed out? How stress can enhance your resilience and relationships

Do you hate feeling stressed out? Think again

Like most people, up until recently I thought stress was harmful for my health. Stress was the enemy that held me back, made me feel weak and was always to be avoided altogether. I found many of my clients who wanted hypnotherapy for stress felt the same.

And then I was introduced to Kelly McGonigal and her fascinating insights based on research which has shown that stress can in fact make us more resilient and can enhance our relationships.

The sticking point? Our beliefs about stress. McGonigal found that individuals who had experienced high stress and believed stress had a harmful impact on their health were 43% likely to die within a 8 year period. Those who did not hold this negative belief about stress were no more likely to die and were in the lowest death-risk category.

Further research has shown that when we believe that our stress response is beneficial for us and preparing us for the challenge ahead, our physical responses to stress become healthier and we develop a more resilient stress response.

McGonigle’s talk is an excellent illustration of the saying ‘its not what happens to us, its what we make of it that counts’. I now encourage all my clients to challenge their pre-conceived ideas of how stress may be impacting on them, as knowing the most recent science behind stress could not only enhance their well-being, but could even save their life.

I invite you to watch McGonigal’s talk in full and see how learning the astonishing benefits of stress could improve your response the next time you feel stressed-out. If you are struggling with stress and would like to explore how hypnosis for stress in  Manchester might help you then why not contact me today.


15 December 2015