Personal Development Workshops

Personal Development Workshops for Organisations

“My inspiring personal development workshops deliver practical solutions for greater resilience, performance and satisfaction at all levels of your organisation”.

What’s holding your people back from truly thriving?

Here are the themes I most commonly see that get in the way of people being their best at work:

> low energy;
> lapses in confidence;
> navigating new or unexpected challenges;
> stress and anxiety symptoms;
> brain-fog and low motivation;
> challenging relationships;
> imposter syndrome;
> stagnant performance;
> creative blocks.

Since 2015 I’ve taught both individuals and teams the practical tools and habits that put them back in control and free to flourish in whatever they do.

When people realise that their challenges are normal, by understanding how their brain and nervous system works, they experience so much relief that they’re ‘not the only ones’.

They also learn there’s so much they can do to help themselves and those they work with.

You can learn more about me, my background and qualifications here.

Practical tools that really make a difference

My personal development workshops are fun, engaging and informed by the latest research in neuroscience, coaching, creativity and positive psychology.

I encourage interaction in a safe, non-judgemental space where people can feel free to express themselves and share their views and insights.

Every workshop ensures that participants leave with simple, effective tools that they can implement in their lives from day 1.

The results? More clarity, energy and enthusiasm which comes from a place of empowerment and confidence to create change.

Workshop topics

> Flow states: the key to work satisfaction
> Resilience during times of change
> Moving beyond imposter syndrome
> Taming your inner critic
> Deep work: how to maximise your productivity and work satisfaction
> Transforming stress and anxiety
> Communication during times of conflict
> Cultivating confidence
> Confident speaking in presentations and meetings

How it works

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 people per workshop. Timings can range from 1.5 hours to a full day.

Sessions are delivered by Zoom or in-person. Participants are encouraged to complete an accompanying worksheet own time for their own development and to help them implement new habits that stick.

Please contact me for a free, no-obligation discussion on how I can help your organisation or business. I always aim to tailor workshops to whoever I’m working with to make it as relevant and impactful as possible.

“Sally recently delivered a wellbeing, stress mgt, productivity & 'deep work' workshop to the team at my agency. Sally's knowledge, delivery and ability to make everyone feel comfortable and engaged meant that the morning was a complete success. We all came away with a better understanding of factors at play and new tools to help us in our day-to-day roles. Thanks Sally, looking forward to the next one!”
Angela Roche

Design by Day Agency

“Sally delivered a number of sessions to solicitors in an in house legal team focused on stress management and making stress your friend. Sally is a warm presenter and gave delegates individual attention. She created a comfortable environment by limiting the size of each group. She didn't pack too much into her presentation - just a few slides but with varied and interesting content. This allowed her to be flexible in her approach - to respond to questions from delegates who had different needs and to tell us about about some techniques to make an immediate difference to managing stress. Sally's background as a solicitor was really useful. She was able to talk about stresses from her own experience and you knew that she had been there. Sally was perfectly willing to work with me on what would be most useful to the delegates attending, current issues facing the team and tweaking the content after the first session. I'd really recommend Sally for this sort of introductory training on stress management.”
Ben Hartley

Principal Legal Adviser, General Medical Council

“The session was enlightening and if nothing else it taught me that we are all subject to the inner critic! I found the writing exercise really useful and cathartic.”

Taming Your Inner Critic Masterclass Participant

“We invited Sally to present on our GP education programme and she has proven a fantastic resource for our trainee GPs. Negotiating the complexities of patients in a sometimes difficult medico-legal climate can lead to doctor burnout, and with Sally's help, our trainees feel more confident in understanding why patients act as they do. This is critical to understanding our patients' sometimes challenging and frustrating behaviour. A real strength is her ability to engage our audience and tailor her sessions to us. She encourages deep thought and reflection in our trainees long after her sessions, and her sessions are well regarded.”
Dr Seb Pillon

Bolton GP Training Scheme