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5 reasons why burnout is not a badge of honour

Welcome to Burn-out Central Many moons ago I was a fresh-faced graduate sitting in the offices of a slick firm in London for an interview. Sitting across from me was
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Confusion and uncertainty creates stress and anxiety at work

Is this common blind-spot causing stress and anxiety at work? Maybe you’ve just been promoted, taken on a new project or a high-profile client at work. You know what your
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Christmas Stress SOS

Battling Christmas Stress? Here’s my guide for navigating through the most wonderful time of the year Christmas is a great example of how our perception and memories shape our reality.
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3 signs of burn-out and what you can do about it

Are you on the road to burn-out? It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol – Brené
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Mental health at work – a working revolution

Survey shows that half of us won’t tell employers about mental health at work   When it comes to discussing our mental health at work, half of us would rather
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Stressed out? How stress can enhance your resilience and relationships

Do you hate feeling stressed out? Think again Like most people, up until recently I thought stress was harmful for my health. Stress was the enemy that held me back,
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How we can stay present with mindfulness for anxiety

Mindfulness for anxiety How staying present can help with anxiety Working in a high-pressured, busy environment requires a degree of mental toughness and the ability to keep a cool head.
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