Liberate: freedom from imposter syndrome

Wish you could just bring your ideas to life, with self-belief?

I know you have amazing ideas, skills and plans. You want to speak up at that meeting, share your ideas and create new things.


Yet when you think about making those things happen, the cloud of self-doubt descends.

You shut down, you procrastinate, you compare yourself to others. Perhaps you say ‘yes’ even when you mean ‘no’.

Maybe you even say no to opportunities, under-charge in your business or avoid promotion?

Your inner critic says “who are you to do this?” even when everyone around you says you can. It doesn’t matter that all the ‘logical’ evidence says that you’ve earned the right to believe in your ability.

So what is going on here? Why the mismatch between the gloriousness of what you know you’re capable of and the dread that you’ll be found out for not being good enough?

The reason you’re holding yourself back isn’t because you’re lazy, weak-willed or a coward.

Your imposter syndrome is not your fault

Imposter syndrome is a pattern that’s created by your unconscious mind (which is responsible for 90% of what we think, feel and behave). It wants to keep you safe from failure, rejection, disappointment or the unknown.

Does it care about your happiness or fulfilment? Nope. It’s a hangover from the times when our survival depended on being accepted and integrated into our community. Being rejected from our tribe used to mean death. So your anxiety about being found out, judged or criticised are completely legitimate from the survival part of your brain. It’s just desperately trying to keep you alive.

This pattern may be even stronger if you’re representing a minority in your field. When no-one round the table looks or sounds like you, it’s natural for your mind to question whether you should in fact be there at all.

Help is at hand

“I turned to Sally for help after realising that my personal and professional development had been hindered by what seemed, at times, crippling symptoms of imposter syndrome. I was a little sceptical that thought processes that seemed so ingrained could be challenged and altered for the better – but that is exactly what Sally was able to achieve. I genuinely felt a difference after the first session, and the sense of empowerment was tangible. Working with Sally has been a hugely positive experience and my only regret is not having had the insight to invest in this sooner”.– CA, Doctor

I’m here to show you that you can transform your relationship with your imposter syndrome so that you can lead yourself  with the determination and energy of someone who knows “I can do this”.

In my online course Liberate: Freedom from Imposter Syndrome I share my simple, neuro-science-based process to shed the weight of your fear of being found out. During our time together you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create a new relationship with your imposter syndrome that it no longer stifles you and your best life choices.
  2. Dial down the volume on your inner-critic and get relief from anxiety, self-doubt and procrastination.
  3. Strengthen your self-belief so you can take bold action towards the work and life you want to create.

I’ll let you into a secret…not only can we do this, we can also do it with a sense of humour. I know. I’ll lead you on this journey with warmth, safety and laughs along the way because not taking ourselves so seriously is an ESSENTIAL part of our self-liberation.

I’ve helped hundreds of 1-1 clients over the years find relief from their inner critic so they can make their life happen in bolder and brighter ways than they ever thought possible.

Working with Sally has been hugely empowering and liberating. I wanted to feel more in control of the decisions i was making and to enjoy my work again rather than feel drained, trapped or resenting it.  I physically can feel the difference – it makes me feel lighter and I feel much more involved in choices that I am making”. – Sarah, GP 

“Sally helped me worked through all my limiting beliefs and find my authentic self by applying tools and techniques that would enable me to heal and realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself”Safiyah, IT Manager

In Liberate you’ll also benefit from working through the process as part of community. You’ll finally be able to put to bed the lie Imposter Syndrome loves to tell: “you’re the only one feeling this way”.

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Here's what changes when you lead from self-belief

When you gain relief and liberation from imposter syndrome you can:

  • Take action on ‘that thing’ you’ve been holding back on whether that’s bringing a new business offering to the world, marketing your product or service, asking for a promotion or pay-rise.
  • Celebrate your successes and take ownership of your achievements, without becoming arrogant or complacent.
  • Take up more space without saying ‘sorry’. To say what you think in meetings, no matter how ‘important’ people are.
  • Feel lighter, easier and more joyful as you have so much more headspace and energy freed up to focus on what’s most important to you.
  • Make more money as you can finally ask for what you want, feeling calmly connected to the value you bring to your workplace or business.
  • Feel safer in your own skin, knowing that it’s okay if you’re different to others in your industry and that your power lies in how you do things your way.
  • Feel empowered to put healthy boundaries in place so you can feel freed up to say YES to the people, places and opportunities that satisfy you the most.

Guard against future burn-out

Most importantly you’ll be taking a stand for your future health by guarding against burn-out and other stress-related illnesses. My 1-1 clients have always remarked on how much calmer and peaceful they feel when imposter syndrome is no longer running the show.

The energy that had been taken up by holding back, people-pleasing or fear can now be used on whatever you want your life to be about: whether that’s enjoying more success in your work or finally being able to be present with your friends and family.

Really the choice is yours. It’s all within your power. And I’m so excited to help you make the most of where you put your precious energy to make the most of this beautiful life you’ve been given.

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What's included in the programme?

I’ll teach 6 1 hour modules over 8 weeks via zoom. We’ll have a couple of breaks for catching up and consolidation (why rush when you don’t need to?). All classes will be recorded so you can catch up on the replay. I’ll be holding regular ‘office hours’ via Voxer so that you can ask questions and get individual support along the way.

You’ll also receive:

  1. powerful hypnosis mp3 tracks to keep nudging your unconscious mind towards self-belief, in a way that’s easy and soothing.
  2. a beautiful, hardcopy workbook as part of your welcome pack to complete as we progress together, with accompanying illustrations of key techniques that we cover. Learning and processing information is often so much easier and rewarding when we take things off a screen – don’t you find?
  3. a free private Facebook group where you can share your experiences and ask questions about everything we cover. You can connect with your fellow Liberaters, learn from their wisdom and support each other. Please know there’s no obligation to share or participate in the group if that’s not your thing.

If you’re looking for ‘group therapy’ this isn’t the place for you. The live sessions will be teaching-based with time dedicated to Q and A. It will be very practical and forward-looking rather than a space for sharing personal experience. It is not appropriate for anyone who needs to process serious trauma or past experience.

My Story

I’ve personally suffered strong bouts imposter syndrome anxiety, particularly when I decided to leave the familiar, safe world of my legal career to embark on my business journey. Who was I to do something as bold, risky and creative as growing my own business? Wasn’t that reserved for the ‘special’ people, the ‘business-y’ people which my brain insisted I was NOT?

Where was the external validation – the person who could tell me if I was doing it ‘right’ or ‘good enough’? It was an exhausting way to live, battling against my brain which was desperately trying to keep me safe from discovering for sure that I really, truly was not good enough.

Looking back, I’m so glad that the same therapeutic tools I was using in my business could help me end the internal conflict, quieten the inner critic and have me getting on with what I wanted to do in my way. I finally gave myself permission to be my own authority, to be the person who COULD do this and to support myself with every imperfect step I took along the way.

I am still enjoying the journey of becoming the person I’ve been looking for, to give myself the care, validation and encouragement I need. I’m now beyond excited to share the tools that have helped me and my clients enjoy the energy, joy and celebration that comes from that deeper level of self-liberation.