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7 confidence tips for daring greatly in your career

Confidence is the spice that will have you creating success on your terms. My tips will grow your self-belief in a way that’s easy and fun.   As a confidence
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Unhappy at work? Do this first

Your first priority for a work-life crisis When clients come to see me for the first time, they usually know ‘something’ about their work needs to change, but they have
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Confusion and uncertainty creates stress and anxiety at work

Is this common blind-spot causing stress and anxiety at work? Maybe you’ve just been promoted, taken on a new project or a high-profile client at work. You know what your
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Impostor Syndrome: the belief that sucks the joy out of success

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud? Are you waiting to be found out? If so, you may be experiencing Impostor Syndrome.  Impostor Syndrome stops you from fully owning and
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Feeling stuck or dissatisfied?

Why the path to fulfilment is something bigger than you My late teens were one of the happiest periods of my life. Having minimal responsibility and maximum time to have
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3 signs of burn-out and what you can do about it

Are you on the road to burn-out? It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol – Brené
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What’s missing for your happiness?

The Pleasant Life ‘Happiness’ can be an elusive and slippery concept. The majority of us know we want it but we probably mean slightly different things when we talk about
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How Hypnotherapy can help you nail your interview

Does an interview fill you with fear? It doesn’t have to. Read on to learn how to enhance your performance for the big day Interview nerves are incredibly common for
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The power of accountability

Why a public declaration matters Another day, another tip. Hopefully you are gaining more and more clarity on how you can make your new years resolution work for you. Today
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Tips for New Years Resolutions Series

How language makes all the difference for new years resolutions to stick Most of us feel that shift in mindset when 1 January rolls around once again. We have a
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Thought for the day…

This quote is from Strictly Ballroom, probably one of my favourite films of all time because it involves dancing, hair jewels, Australians and wonderful personal transformation. It is a quote
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Flow: your recipe to happy work

Your guide to creating flow What is ‘flow’? Flow is the holy grail for happy work. Flow means you are completely and fully immersed in what you are doing. It
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Wisdom from Steve Jobs : do what you love

Watch Steve Jobs inspire others to do what they love Steve Jobs was a man known and celebrated for his innovation and mind-blowing creativity. Given that he enjoyed such incredible
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The power of self-love: in the media

The power of self-love One of the most common themes I have noticed with my hypnotherapy and coaching clients has been a lack of self-love.
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New Years Resolutions for 2016

I am very excited to be teaming  up with Mick Timpson of the YogaLife project to deliver a powerful workshop to help you keep your new years resolutions for 2016.
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Are you living in growth or protection?

It can be so easy to get caught up in a default, habitual way of living. This is a common reason why my clients decide to come and see my
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Comparison paralysis: 10 steps to self-worth and great hair

It’s a personal development jungle out there. The ‘how-to’ trap is so seductive for a brain that loves certainty, structure and steps to self-worth. Because so often that is what
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