From lawyer to career coach & QCH Practitioner

My story

I didn’t always love my work.

I remember sitting at my desk as a trainee solicitor in London, gazing around at my colleagues who were busily tapping away on their computers. I found myself wondering how on earth I had ended up there.

Which is odd isn’t it, after all I had made all the choices that led me to being suited and booted with my legal qualifications in a role that many graduates would kill for.

And yet I felt empty, bored and stressed. I was living for the weekends and annual leave and felt a growing frustration with putting on my professional ‘face’ every day. I wasn’t able to use my strengths and I didn’t feel like me.

As time went on I couldn’t ignore the inner niggle that was speaking louder and louder each day “there’s no way you can stay here, you’ll be miserable”.

Escaping the city

Having witnessed the toll of anxiety, burn-out and low confidence every day in the office, I eventually retrained as a Master Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Career Coach. I was so lucky to discover that this was the work I had been waiting for – I was fascinated, engaged and loved helping clients let go of issues that had been holding them back for years.

I’m not going to pretend that transitioning to self-employed life has always been easy or straightforward. It turns out finding a successful business style that felt like me was another adventure, where I had to confront plenty of self-doubt every time I stretched my comfort zone.

It was worth it. I am now doing work where I can relax and be myself. For me, the ripple effect of satisfying work is huge: I have more energy, I feel calmer and much more confident in what I can do.

Now I want to help you to experience that same freedom and joy in doing work you love.


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