How Hypnotherapy for weight-loss Manchester can help you

Are you struggling to reach your ideal weight? Have you tried every diet under the sun but just cannot seem to lose those extra pounds? By using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight-loss, my clients have discovered that it is possible to lose weight in a way that is natural and right for them; rather than slavishly following the latest diet and exercise regimes.

The limitation of diets

Most of my clients come to see me after trying numerous diets that may have worked initially, but eventually resulted in putting the weight back on or even exceeding their previous weight. Numerous studies in this field have shown time and again that diets do not work in the long term. By heavily restricting our calorie intake, our unconscious mind is alerted that we are depriving ourselves and will deploy whatever strategy it can to ensure our survival. Diets can also reinforce feelings of guilt and shame around food. Self-loathing can creep in if feel we have broken our diet, which can then fuel overeating. Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight-loss can break these destructive cycles for good.

The symptom, not the cause

You might feel that you are experiencing low self-esteem, fear, anger, sadness or guilt as a result of your weight-loss. In fact, what I have found to be true in my clients is that negative behaviour around food is often the symptom of negatives thoughts, feelings or beliefs you might have about yourself. Working together, I can help you free yourself from these negative emotions and beliefs. My clients have been amazed at how quickly and effortlessly they have been able to continue on their weight-loss journey once they realise their excess weight was a symptom, not a cause.

The power of habits

For a few people, the difficulty in losing weight arises purely through poor habit choices. Habits are a series of repeated actions over time and are largely unconsciously driven. By using coaching techniques and Cognitive Hypnotherapy for weight-loss, I can help you interrupt the old habits that used to hold you back and implement new habits to drive you forward. You will learn the amazing power of the ‘slight edge’ and the powerful impact this has on your weight-loss journey.

If you are ready to change your life and transform into a healthier, happier you then feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation. We can work together face-to-face in Manchester City Centre or via Skype.