Hypnotherapy for Stress – helping you to find your calm

How does Hypnotherapy for Stress work?

Stress - Sally Heady Hypnotherapy Manchester

Stress seems to be the word that just won’t go away. Stress-related illnesses are growing problem for today’s workforce and between juggling work, family and social lives its no wonder we have moments when we feel its impossible to relax. Over time this can take its toll on our minds, bodies, our performance and even our relationships.

Stress is often experienced through the ‘fight or flight’ response when adrenaline is released into our bodies as a protection response. As a result we can experience unpleasant physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking or a racing heart. Stress can also often be linked to anxiety symptoms, when we have difficulty in stopping ourselves from worrying about the future.

How I can help

I  can help you resolve the root cause of your stress or anxiety and help you move towards a lighter, more relaxed way of being. I also equip you with an invaluable ‘toolbox’ of techniques to use in daily life in order to access your inner calm whenever you need to. After working with me, clients report that they have more energy, more space to think and are free to experience greater happiness and success in their lives.

I also help clients to see how stress or challenging experiences can actually be beneficial to our health and development, as recent scientific research suggests. If you are interested in this concept, have a look at my blog page.

Is stress or anxiety holding you back from living fully? If so, get in touch using the contact form or the contact me page for a free initial consultation. I see clients either face-to-face in Manchester City Centre or remotely via Skype.