Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety

Can hypnotherapy for social anxiety help you?

Do you find yourself dreading social situations?

Do you struggle to connect with people because you are so pre-occupied with your anxiety?

Perhaps you make excuses and cancel plans that you used to enjoy, because it just feels too hard to confront your anxiety. If this is you then hypnotherapy for social anxiety can help.

Fear of social situations can be solved with hypnotherapy for social anxiety

Social anxiety arises when your unconscious mind (which drives as much as 90% of your behaviour) mistakenly believes that talking to certain people poses a threat to you. Your rational mind probably knows that you are highly unlikely to experience harm when talking to people, but the truth is human beings are not 100% rational!

Your unconscious governs the ‘fight, fly or freeze’ response, which is our in-built survival system to protect us from danger. Our bodies get flooded with adrenaline as we get ready to deal with whatever threat is posed to us.

The problem is, for most of us in the Western world, we are rarely in situations where we need to fight for our lives. We no longer need to run from predators the way we used to.

This adrenaline rush is why the physical symptoms of social anxiety can be so unpleasant or embarrassing: You might feel sick, sweat, need the toilet, blush or shake. You might be overwhelmed with thoughts or you may find your mind goes blank.

Some people find themselves asking lots of questions so that they can deflect attention away from themselves as much as possible. All these symptoms are caused by your unconscious trying to keep you safe from harm.

If you experience any of these symptoms hypnotherapy for social anxiety could be perfect for you.

Our tribe equals our survival

Social anxiety and fears like public speaking are so common because human beings have relied on their tribe for their survival for thousands of years. Our ability to integrate socially would mean being able to sit closer to the fire and having a share of the hunt. For a long period of our evolution, rejection has meant death.

So, it’s no wonder that so many of us are predisposed to be concerned about how we are being perceived and whether we are liked.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be liked and accepted. When this desire tips into feeling anxiety our unconscious is just over-calculating the threat that engaging with others might create.

Hypnotherapy for Social anxiety ManchesterIt’s not just ‘shy’ people who suffer from social anxiety – Hypnotherapy can help! 

I have worked with many clients who, from the outside, would appear as though they were the most confident person in the room. It is very common to people to experience a mis-match between what they are feeling on the inside and the external ‘mask’ or persona they wear to give a good impression to others.

But why wouldn’t we admit that we are feeling shy, nervous or uncomfortable about talking to certain people? Because most of us have a deep-seated desire to be accepted and belong to those around us. To risk admitting our weaknesses can make us feel vulnerable to ridicule or rejection. The problem with wearing these ‘confident’ masks is that they can use up lots of extra energy.

Even worse, it can feel like really hard work to maintain and engage in conversation when you are constantly monitoring your own behaviour. How can you properly connect with someone when you’re worrying about whether you are being ‘normal’ or not?

Book in for an initial consultation to see how hypnotherapy for social anxiety can help you. 

I have helped a wealth of clients overcome their social anxiety and feel comfortable, calm and ‘like themselves’ in social situations. I can help you let go of the fears or unhelpful beliefs you might have about socialising and teach you a wide range of powerful techniques to boost your confidence.

You will learn how to remain calm so that seeing friends, family or colleagues can be something to look forward to rather than something to dread.

hypnotherapy for social anxiety how to manage

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