Hypnotherapy for public speaking

Hypnotherapy for public speaking 

Do you avoid opportunities for public speaking at all costs? Are you being held back in your career because the thought of speaking in front of a room terrifies you? Perhaps you have been asked to speak at a wedding or a birthday and just cannot imagine speaking in front of others.

I have friends, colleagues and clients alike who have not applied for their dream job because their fear of speaking of public overruled everything else they wanted. Avoiding public speaking always seemed the better choice, even when they knew they were turning their back on amazing opportunities. With Cognitive Hypnotherapy for public speaking, anxieties around standing up in front of others can be a thing of the past.

Our tribal past

Why do so many of us fear public speaking? After all, even the likes of Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman had to learn to overcome their fear of being in the limelight.

When you think about it, our human ancestors hunted and lived together as tribes for thousands of years. Our survival was dependant on maintaining a strong social bond with those around us to ensure we could sit close to the fire and benefit from the protection of our tribe. It makes sense that our unconscious might chose to engage the ‘fight or flight’ response when we are standing up before a group of people, when our survival mechanism wants to win their favour or approval. Often the fear of public speaking has the fear of judgment or rejection at its core. Cognitive Hypnotherapy for public speaking can help dissolve these limiting beliefs and fears, allowing you to speak with greater confidence.

Whether it’s the feeling of trepidation beforehand, feeling sick, the sweats or the shakes; all these physical symptoms are simply signals from your unconscious that it perceives a threat. As well as working on the root cause of your fear, we can build you a personal ‘toolkit’ to empower you to maintain your calm when it counts. Knowing that you already have the resources you need to keep your nerves under control can enable you to look forward to your speaking occasion with excitement rather than fear.

Take action

Don’t let fear of public speaking hold you back. If you are interested in finding out more about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy for public speaking can help you, feel free to contact me or get in touch by telephone on 07598784091 for a free initial consultation.