Hypnotherapy for depression Manchester

How Hypnotherapy for depression Manchester can help you

Hypnotherapy for depression Manchester

The term ‘depression’ covers a wide range of symptoms. It can also impact on our lives in a variety of ways. This YouTube animation, by the World Health Organisation, provides a powerful insight into how depression can impact on our lives. Depression can involve one or more of the following:

  • a lack of interest in doing things;
  • experiencing a low mood;
  • feeling like a failure;
  • poor appetite or overeating;
  • having low energy;
  • difficult in concentrating;

thoughts about harming yourself in some way.

I believe every person ‘does’ depression differently, which is why the flexible Cognitive Hypnotherapy model is so effective.

Can I change?

I also believe that depression is not something you have to resign yourself to ‘managing’ for the rest of your life. It can be resolved completely and for good by building up your resources and teaching your unconscious that the future can be a safe place to be, rather than a place to be feared. Depression is another example of a protection response. Due to personal experiences or beliefs we hold about ourselves, we can start feeling helpless or fearful about the future.

If we struggle to look forward to the future, we can lose our enjoyment of life. Ordinary day-today activities can seem overwhelming. In these circumstances we can to resort to behaviours that will protect us from the future, such as withdrawal and disconnecting from the world around us.

By using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for depression, my clients are equipped with a ‘toolbox’ of self-hypnosis techniques they can use whenever they need to. These tools are empowering and help to escalate progress between sessions. This helps to reduce the helplessness that can often accompany depression. We also work on the root cause of depressive symptoms and help guide the unconscious mind to a more positive, optimistic way of thinking.

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