Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in Manchester

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in Manchester

Are you considering hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester?

If you’ve been struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings, and you’ve been considering hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester, then you’ve come to the right place.

I help clients regain control, feel calmer and happier by using cognitive hypnotherapy for anxiety in my Central Manchester hypnotherapy rooms. The great news is cognitive hypnotherapy has an evidence base for treating anxiety, which makes it a choice you can trust.

Do you want help with anxiety? Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester could be perfect for you

We all have worries from time to time. They are a completely natural part of being human. But sometimes we go through times when it’s much more difficult to break free from patterns of anxious thoughts and feelings.

When those thoughts and feelings take over it can feel like being hi-jacked. Anxiety can have an unnecessarily negative impact on our enjoyment of day-to-day life.

Instead of enjoying the here and now, we can get lost in imagining what might happen in the future. Anxiety can also come with a wide range of distracting symptoms such as feeling sick, tense, panicked, sweaty palms, a racing heart and, in peak moments of anxiety, in the form of a panic attack.

For some people they only experience anxiety in very specific situations such as presenting or when they have a big deadline coming up at work. For others, their anxiety may feel like a constant, exhausting presence that is with them regardless of the circumstance.

hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester 3It’s hard to rationalise with anxiety – Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester can help

Whether you suffer from anxiety in specific contexts or you have it every day, my clients often describe how frustrating it is when you can’t just ‘snap out of it’. Being rational you might know that there is ‘no use worrying’ or ‘worrying never solved anything’. But, of course, if it were that easy you would just stop doing it!

I have suffered from periods of anxiety in my life and I completely understand how it can feel completely out of your control. I would over-think, ruminate and chew over things that hadn’t happened yet. It was miserable. I felt like I had an invisible hand over my throat that would tighten at the worst moment.

Over the years of providing hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester, it’s been my own experience of cognitive hypnotherapy that showed me how it was possible to regain control. I couldn’t believe I was able to end the anxious thoughts and sensations that had been distracting me from enjoying my life to the full.

It’s been such a liberating journey to discover I can leave those anxious thoughts behind. And I know its possible for you too.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety in manchester 2

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Manchester – Why is hypnotherapy for anxiety so effective?

Hypnotherapy for anxiety works so well because it works with the unconscious system that is creating your unique pattern of anxiety. By ‘unconscious’ I mean that it is driven by a deeper, emotional system that takes over automatically if it considers that you might be under threat.

This is why rationalising our way out of anxiety can be particularly challenging; it’s not generated by your rational mind.

Our unconscious mind is always trying to protect us from harm. It stores all your memories, beliefs and experiences and uses them to make sense of the present and calculate risks in the future.

When we suffer from anxiety, our unconscious is often over-estimates a risk posed to you. This is why your thoughts tend to be pre-occupied with the future. Whilst a degree of planning for risk and danger is very healthy, our minds can tip over into high alert when it simply isn’t necessary.

How I treat anxiety in my Manchester therapy room

When treating my client with hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester, I help my clients achieve greater calm, balance and control by using any combination of the following:

  • Addressing the root cause/causes of their anxiety and clearing them.
  • Teaching tools and techniques they can use in daily life to interrupt and weaken patterns of anxious thoughts, feelings or behaviours.
  • Connecting them to more positive thoughts and feelings that help them feel more resourceful and stronger in the face of possible challenge or adversity.
  • Delivering positive suggestions in their own words to help accelerate their progress towards how they want things to be different.

All my sessions are completely tailored to each individual. There are no set treatment plans as you are completely unique.

I absolutely love seeing my clients transform, gain confidence and enjoy their lives so much more. Their energy is no longer drained by their anxiety and they can slow down, feel calmer and do more than they would have ever have expected.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester HelpDo you want to overcome your anxiety with hypnotherapy?

If you would like to overcome your anxiety and discuss the next steps all you need to do is send a quick message using my contact form. I offer all clients a completely free, no-obligation consultation so we can discuss your problem in a safe, confidential space either over the phone or in my Manchester hypnotherapy room.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester – It’s so important that you feel comfortable when talking to a Hypnotherapist. The initial consultation is the perfect opportunity to find out whether we both feel we are a good ‘fit’ to work together.

Contact me to find out more.