Are you struggling with anxiety?

Anxiety happens when we’re fearful about something in the future. For some it’s the fear of falling short or not being good enough. Many of us also worry that we won’t be able to cope with the problems life throws our way.

Others might worry about being criticized by colleagues, bosses or clients. I’ve also worked with many people who live in dread of embarrassing themselves or having people laugh at them.

Symptoms of anxiety include over-thinking, sweating, shaking, feeling sick, panicking and hyperventilating. Everyone is completely unique in how they experience anxiety.

I know how debilitating anxiety can feel when all you want to do is get on with your life and enjoy it. I’m so pleased that I’m able to offer an evidence-based approach which will get you feeling like your normal self even in the situations that used to really worry you.

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I can help you overcome anxiety – yes, even you

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome anxiety. Cognitive hypnotherapy can work for you even if:-

  • You’ve suffered from anxiety for years or feel you’ve always lived with it.
  • You’ve tried numerous other therapies that haven’t worked for you
  • You’re unsure or even cynical about hypnotherapy and whether it can work for you

“I have suffered from high levels of anxiety and panic attacks for the past two years which had become very debilitating. General counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, many different types of anti depressants, more general counselling, failed to reduce my levels of anxiety and panic attacks…. To say that Sally has given me my life back seems like an over the top statement but that is exactly what she has done. I can’t thank her enough for how she has helped me go from an anxiety ridden 59 year old to someone who can see how good his life his and how the past has made him what he is today and the future exciting” – Paul Shackleton

Why is hypnotherapy for anxiety so effective?

Anxiety is not driven by your rational mind. Your anxiety symptoms will usually feel involuntary and automatic because it’s governed by an unconscious system. This is why it’s so difficult for most people to rationalise their way out of an anxious episode.

In my sessions we work with your unconscious mind to dissolve the pattern of anxiety it’s been using to keep you safe. We guide it more helpful and empowering ways of being self-aware, whilst letting go of excessive worry.

How I treat anxiety in my Manchester therapy room

When using hypnotherapy for anxiety in Manchester, our time together may include any of the following:

  • Addressing the root cause/causes of your anxiety and clearing it.
  • Teaching tools and techniques you can use in daily life to feel calm and in control.
  • Connecting you to positive thoughts and feelings in the face of possible challenge or adversity.
  • Bespoke guided relaxations with positive suggestions to consolidate your progress and grow your capacity to relax.

All my sessions are completely tailored to each individual. There are no set treatment plans as you are completely unique.

I absolutely love seeing my clients transform, gain confidence and enjoy their lives so much more. Their energy is no longer drained by their anxiety and they can slow down, feel calmer and do more than they would have ever have expected.

Make your anxiety a thing of the past

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