Coaching & Hypnotherapy for motivation Manchester: how to make procrastination a thing of the past

Sally Heady Hypnotherapy for motivation Manchester

“I just need to find my motivation…”

This is a phrase I hear all the time from my clients. Even when there is something we think we really want to do, we can find ourselves procrastinating and engaging in all sorts of avoidance behaviours . Whether you find yourself lost in social media or suddenly taking a great fascination in cleaning the house, the endless ways we can procrastinate can lead to us to feel overwhelmed, discouraged or guilty.

What do you really want?

By using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for motivation I help clients tap into the deeper, unconscious reasons why they want to do something. Because as much as 90% of our behaviour is driven by the unconscious, once we discover the deeper, emotional reasons why we want our goal, finding the motivation to take action can be much more effortless.  It’s almost as though the deeper, emotional reason paves the way for us. The power of discovering our ‘deep why’ is explained beautifully by Simon Sinek in his Ted Talk ‘Start with why’.

Barriers to motivation

Once I start exploring lack of motivation with clients, there are two main themes that seem to come up again and again :

  • We simply do not want it enough. Often we are not willing to admit to ourselves what we might lose by embarking on a particular task or goal. Many of us have competing demands that we need to manage such as work and family life. If the task at hand is in conflict with other values, we are unlikely to move forward. Once we have clarity on the hierarchy of our values, we can then decide whether the goal can be modified so we no longer feel conflicted or to let it go with peace of mind.
  • Fear of failure. This is a very common fear which plagues most of us from time to time. In childhood failure is often demonised. This is a shame as it discourages individuals from developing a growth mindset and learning from their mistakes. In reality, the most successful people have failed numerous times in order to get where they are today.  The good news is that cognitive hypnotherapy can help you let go of the fear of failure that holds you back.

The power of habits

I also teach my clients cutting-edge strategies to develop achievable habits that support them in attaining their outcome, rather than sinking into the common trap over overwhelm (and therefore lack of action). If you would like to receive useful articles on the power of habits, I highly recommend James Clear’s blog.

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