How hypnotherapy for habits can help you

Habits are simply actions that we repeat over time. We often do things when we are ‘not thinking’, but for some of us our habits can be painful, unsightly or damaging to our health such as nail biting, skin picking or hair pulling (trichotillomania). Because habits are usually a symptom of an unconscious thought pattern, we often do it without realising until something wakes us up to the fact that we are.

Whilst we might get a momentary high or satisfaction from our habits, negative emotions such as annoyance, guilt and shame can follow. The paradox is that rather than deterring us, these negative emotions can further fuel our urge to perform our unwanted habit.

The good news is that hypnotherapy for habits can work with, rather than against, your unconscious mind. Working together we can:-

  • Identify and resolve the underlying beliefs, emotions or ‘triggers’ which cause your habit. Once these negative unconscious patterns dissolve, unwanted habits can disappear surprisingly quickly.
  • Create greater awareness around your habit to wake you up from your unwanted behaviour.
  • Equip you with self-hypnosis techniques to change the emotional state you associate with your habit. Whilst everyone is different, common causes of habits are stress, anxiety or tiredness.
  • Help you work towards a vision of your happier life, free from your habit.

If you are living with a habit that is detracting from your quality of life, why not get in touch and see how hypnotherapy for habits can help you. Contact me for your free initial consultation either face-to-face in Manchester City centre or via Skype.

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