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Revive: bringing you back to life at work

Imagine approaching your day with a calm and clear mind. Regardless of the chaos that may unfold during your day you’re able to bring yourself back to feeling centred and confident. You notice yourself speaking up more (including saying “no”), trusting yourself and making decisions with more ease.

At last, you’re feeling at home in your own skin. Its feels so much lighter, to have unlocked the parts of you that had been stuck in fear, stress and worrying what other people were thinking of you.

Burn bright, don’t burn out

You know that a work life coloured by anxiety and self-doubt is not bringing out the best in you. It’s exhausting being pulled in so many directions: whether it’s your never ending to-do list, the opinions of others or your inner critic reminding you of all the ways you’re not measuring up.

You’re tired of saying yes to everyone apart from yourself and you long to express more of you in your work, but something keeps getting in the way.

Why is this happening?

That “something” that’s blocking you is your unconscious mind trying to keep you safe from some kind threat: whether it’s the unknown, rejection or failure. It can throw all sorts of sneaky ways to keep you away from changing, even when it’s what you really want.

This is why my clients often come to me feeling frustrated as they are caught in the “push/pull” of what they deeply long for and what their unconscious mind wants.

The great news is that your mind is plastic. Your mind can learn to create a calmer, confident version of you  – and I am here to show you how.

I can show you how

For the last six years I’ve been helping clients unlock themselves from anxiety, self-doubt and their fear of letting others down .  Again and again, I’ve seen clients relax into a brighter, fuller expression of who they are at work without striving or exhausting themselves. It never ceases to thrill and amaze me!

This is why I created Revive: a bespoke, immersive 1-1 programme created to breathe life back into  you, your work and the impact you want to make.

What’s involved?

  • 1-1 hour long sessions held via Zoom for the unique exploration you need to let go of the unhelpful patterns that are keeping you stuck. Every session is completely tailored to your needs and we can deal with any unexpected challenges as they arise.
  • 9 sessions over 3 months, taken at fortnightly or weekly intervals to give you flexibility and the opportunity to integrate and practice everything we cover in sessions together.
  • E-mail support in between sessions so you have continued support and encouragement throughout the 3 months.
  • Resources, inspiration and tasks to keep you on track to re-wiring your mind to one that is naturally more calm, confident and fulfilled.

 During Revive you will experience:

  • The satisfaction of having a toolkit of techniques that empower you to have more self-belief whenever you need it.
  • Support and encouragement to guide you in becoming more relaxed, confident and fulfilled at work.
  • Greater energy and clarity as you put in place healthy boundaries to maintain your well-being both at home and at work.
  • Greater connection to yourself and your unique strengths so that you can be at your best in what you do, doing it your way.
  • Clarity on where you feel most in flow. You’ll find that time speeds up, your confidence grows and the quality of what you do transforms.
  • Accountability to put your needs first so you can break up with burn-out once and for all.

If you’re ready for a different way of working and living, where your self-trust and inner calm gets to run the show, then book in for my free Clarity and Confidence call and let’s see if working together is the right decision for you.

Last year I found stress really hit me and I was starting to burn out …although everything was essentially going well the juggling of multiple challenging situations started to build and I really missed the warning signs and my health started to be impacted and then anxiety and panic started to take hold.

I cannot rate Sally highly enough – Sally has such a genuine and honest approach and always knew just the right question to ask and the right follow up to send which really helped get us to the route of the challenges and I truly feel after my time with Sally that for the first time a weight has been lifted.

I’ve really been able to build back up my confidence and clarity which has led to so many positive changes in my life – from re-assessing what is truly important to me to setting much better boundaries which has provided me with much more space to re-connect with hobbies and activities and other things in my life that I was putting off for ‘the right time’. I look forward to continuing to work with Sally again in the future as needed as I now see this time as invaluable to my overall wellbeing.

Louise B

HR Professional

Working with Sally has been hugely empowering and liberating. I wanted to feel more in control of the decisions i was making and to enjoy my work again rather than feel drained, trapped or resenting it. 

I physically can feel the difference – it makes me feel lighter and i feel much more involved in choices that i am making.  I continue to work with Sally and consistently feel this same lightness and energy from our time together. 

I cannot recommend Sally and the techniques that she uses highly enough. She is professional, focused and empowering. This is a therapy style that is highly effective and with the results being felt almost immediately. Sally will support and guide you through this. I cannot thank Sally enough for her hardwork and support with me.