Coaching in Manchester for career success

Bespoke programmes that will get you un-stuck for the change you've been waiting for.

How would it feel to break up with imposter syndrome, anxiety or burn-out?

To a day that starts with calm and leaves you feeling confident. Getting into flow with work that feels like you. Speaking authentically and feeling connected to purpose and meaning.

It sounds so good, doesn’t it? Except you’re stuck in:

  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Self-doubt.
  • Cycles of anxiety and fatigue.
  • Confusion about your life's path
  • The voice in your head that says you’re not good enough or you shouldn’t bother.
  • Fears about what other people think.

You’re grateful for everything you’ve achieved so far and yet you’re feeling dissatisfied. Normally you’re an expert on keeping handle on things, yet you’ve got an increasing niggle that you’re limiting your potential and you don’t want life to pass you by.

It might come as a relief to know you’re not alone. Almost every client I’ve ever worked with has grappled with the same struggles.

A symptom of your unconscious mind

All the feelings and beliefs that are keeping you stuck are driven your unconscious mind, which is responsible for 90% of how we think, feel and behave.

Your unconscious mind is always working for you to be safe and protected. It errs on the side of caution and sometimes interprets the threat of uncertainty or rejection just as if you were about to be pounced on by a lion.

That’s why all my bespoke 1-1 programmes focus on the inner work needed for you to have the self-belief, vision and clarity you need to love what you do.

Can you really change how you feel, day after day, challenge after challenge? Yes. Of course you can. And quicker than you realise.

Your work-life transformation awaits

What if I told you that you can transform the way you think and feel? You can unlock so much more ease, self-belief and confidence to propel you to the future you want to create.

You can let go of that critical voice inside your head and instead:

  • take ownership of your successes,
  • radiate confidence and natural self-assurance,
  • have the courage to apply for that promotion, start that new business or explore a new direction,
  • make time for the things and the people in your life that really matter,
  • make decisions from a place of calm and self-trust,
  • express yourself freely and create your own opportunities (no more holding back for other people!).

My Invitation

Since retraining to become a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and coach in 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of professionals and business owners let go of the fears and beliefs that keep them stuck.

My 1-1 hypnotherapy and coaching programmes are tailored to your needs so that you reach the ‘success’ your heart secretly clamours for – whether it’s breaking up with burn-out or taking a change of direction.

My programmes range from a single break-through session (£150) through to my transformational signature 3 month programme ‘Flourish’ (£1,200) for longer-term support. Payment plans are always available.

On my free call we can explore what would be the best option for you.

Programmes take place online or in person to give you maximum flexibility. You’ll also receive support and resources in between sessions to keep you inspired and on track.

By the end of our time together you can:

  • Be liberated from imposter syndrome, anxiety and worry. Yes it IS possible to let it go for good.
  • Gain clarity on what you want.
  • Feel calmer and more in control so you can shape your day with more ease.
  • Feel empowered, as you gain a toolkit of techniques to gain more calm or self-belief whenever you need.
  • Find it easier to say “no” and let go of what other people think.
  • Take concrete action towards the changes you want to make and have the confidence to keep going beyond our time together.
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin, freer to express yourself and make a greater impact in whatever you’re doing.

There's one relationship that drives your whole life. From creativity and relationships to confidence and ambition. And it's your relationship with yourself. My clients experience a profound shift from working on that relationship. From self-doubt to sovereignty. From over-thinking to finally being able to relax.

Free Clarity Call

Want to discover more about working 1-1 with me? Welcome to my free, 45 minute Clarity Call.

During our call you’ll get crystal clear on what’s holding you back. You’ll also see what’s really possible for you: from the most confident, expanded and vibrant version of yourself.

If we both feel it’s a ‘yes’ to working together, then we’ll celebrate all excitement to come. Either way there’s no sleaze or pressure. I’m here to help you make the best decision for you. 

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