Feeling stuck or dissatisfied?

Sally Heady
January 9, 2018
Why the path to fulfilment is something bigger than you My late teens were one of the happiest periods of my life. Having minimal responsibility and maximum time to have fun probably had something to do with it. More importantly, I was a member of a church community at that time. Christianity is not a… Continue Reading     Read More

Christmas Stress SOS

Sally Heady
December 21, 2017
Battling Christmas Stress? Here’s my guide for navigating through the most wonderful time of the year Christmas is a great example of how our perception and memories shape our reality. Say the word ‘tinsel’ to two people and one will widen their eyes in festive delight, whilst the other will slowly curl into a ball… Continue Reading     Read More

3 signs of burn-out and what you can do about it

Sally Heady
November 23, 2017
Are you on the road to burn-out? In one of my recent workshops a participant commented that she always realises that she’s burned-when it’s too late. There always seems to be a ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ moment when she shouts at her partner for no reason or comes down with a cold. I… Continue Reading     Read More

What’s missing for your happiness?

Sally Heady
October 6, 2017
The Pleasant Life ‘Happiness’ can be an elusive and slippery concept. The majority of us know we want it but we probably mean slightly different things when we talk about it. Some might talk about ‘highs’ and ‘pleasure’, whilst others talk of a deeper ‘contentment’ or fulfilment that seems to go further than fleeting emotional… Continue Reading     Read More

Why challenge equals happiness

Sally Heady
June 26, 2017
Do you long for an ‘easier’ life? Have you deliberately positioned yourself at times so that you avoid challenge, learning or stress? For example: When you have a couple of hours free at work do you a) aimlessly fill it with boring non-urgent admin, making tea for people or clearing out your desk? Or b)… Continue Reading     Read More

Trapped in your head?

May 13, 2017
How to stop over-thinking Do you sometimes feel trapped in your own head? Do you find that your thoughts sometimes swirl around your mind, hindering your ability to make decisions or take action? Overthinking is something I often wrestle with during difficult times and comes up regularly with the clients that I work with. I… Continue Reading     Read More

Mental health at work – a working revolution

May 5, 2017
Survey shows that half of us won’t tell employers about mental health at work   When it comes to discussing our mental health at work, half of us would rather keep things under wraps, a recent survey has shown. Given that the workplace is where most of us spend the majority of our time, its… Continue Reading     Read More

Brene Brown on boundaries

May 1, 2017
Pride yourself on your ‘niceness’? Choose boundaries instead When people come to see me in my hypnotherapy clinic for help with relationships in Manchester the theme of boundaries often lies at the heart of their issue. I love this video by Brene Brown which describes how boundaries are the key to healthy, loving relationships. This… Continue Reading     Read More

Heads Together: permission to open up

April 28, 2017
Royal Family campaign can bring our heads together Many of you will have seen the recent press coverage around Prince Harry’s candid interview in The Telegraph. He openly talks about his struggle with grief over his mother’s death for 20 years which caused him points of near breakdown. Crucially, he talked about how the ‘stiff upper… Continue Reading     Read More

How Hypnotherapy can help you nail your interview

March 30, 2017
Does an interview fill you with fear? It doesn’t have to. Read on to learn how to enhance your performance for the big day Interview nerves are incredibly common for many of us and it’s no mystery why that is. You are asked, in a pressured situation, to ‘sell yourself’ and to prove that you… Continue Reading     Read More
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