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Tips for New Years Resolutions Series

How language makes all the difference for new years resolutions to stick Most of us feel that shift in mindset when 1 January rolls around once again. We have a clear slate in front of us. The mind has difficulty with empty space so we love to come up with a plan. And why not… Continue Reading

Finding flow: the antidote to boredom and frustration

Feeling a bit ‘meh’? In my Manchester Hypnotherapy practice, I help my clients learn and understand how the mind works and how they can optimise their capacity to live an enriched, fulfilled life. Recently I had been struck by how much I was hearing the word ‘meh’, both from my clients and myself. For me,… Continue Reading

Thought for the day…

This quote is from Strictly Ballroom, probably one of my favourite films of all time because it involves dancing, hair jewels, Australians and wonderful personal transformation. It is a quote I came back to again and again when I decided to leave my ‘safe’ career as a solicitor and do something I loved by working… Continue Reading

Wisdom from Steve Jobs : do what you love

Watch Steve Jobs inspire others to do what they love Steve Jobs was a man known and celebrated for his innovation and mind-blowing creativity. Given that he enjoyed such incredible success at the helm of Apple, many of us might be left wondering how he got where he wanted to be. Continue Reading

New Years Resolutions for 2016

I am very excited to be teaming  up with Mick Timpson of the YogaLife project to deliver a powerful workshop to help you keep your new years resolutions for 2016. What would you like to create in 2016? What is your secret dream? Whether its a big project or simply an intention to live a… Continue Reading

Are you living in growth or protection?

Are you living in growth or protection?

It can be so easy to get caught up in a default, habitual way of living. This is a common reason why my clients decide to come and see my in my Manchester hypnotherapy practice. The default way of life can be pleasant enough, but when staying safe determines what we do or don’t do… Continue Reading

Happy world gratitude day 2015!

Today marks world gratitude day, where people around the world will be celebrating  and giving thanks for the things they appreciate. Numerous studies have shown that people who incorporate a greater sense of gratitude into their lives were happier, experience better relationships and feel more optimistic about their lives. We become what we focus on. Some of us… Continue Reading

“Scaredy Cat” – how hypnotherapy can help with phobias

Hypnotherapy for phobias in Manchester In my Manchester hypnotherapy  practice I regularly work with clients by using hypnotherapy for phobias and the results are impressive . Dictionaries define a phobia as an extreme or irrational fear or aversion to something. Whilst the reasons why someone has developed a phobia will be completely unique to them,… Continue Reading